The following steps must be followed to qualify to rent from Action Property Management:

  1. Answer all the pre-screening questions, by email, phone, or in person in our office.
  2. Read and sign this Tenant Screening Policy. All applicants 18 years or older must read and sign this document before we will make an appointment to tour the inside of our properties.
  3. Tour the property. You must view a property in person to make sure it is a good fit before we will accept your screening application. If you do not live in the area, you may have a friend or family member tour on your behalf.
  4. Submit an application and pay the screening fee within 24 hours of touring the property. Screening fees are $50 per applicant and are non-refundable. No screening is considered complete until all information is received. If your rental references do not respond within 24 hours of being contacted it will delay your application. If your application is so delayed, Action Property Management reserves the right to screen other applicants for the property you have applied for and will no longer consider you in first position.
  5. Once notified that your screening is complete and meets our standards, you will have 24 hours to sign a lease agreement and pay the move-in costs. If you fail to meet this time limit you will no longer be considered in first position for the property.


  1. We do not accept co-signors.
  2. We do not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports.
  3. All applicants 18 years or older must be screened and qualified to rent from Action Property Management. Screenings include a credit report, rental references, criminal records, and employment and income verification.
  4. Applicants have the right to obtain a free copy of their screening report in the event of a denial or other adverse action, or to dispute the accuracy of information in the screening report
  5. To be in first position for a home you must answer the pre-screening questions, read and sign this Policy document, tour the inside of the property, and submit a rental application. Emailing or calling the office, or signing and returning this policy alone does not put you in line.
  6. All pets, service, or support animals must be screened and qualified before we will process your rental application. There is a $20 pet application fee (additional pets are $15 each). Service and support animals are free.
  7. No applicant shall be declined residency on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, familial status, military/veteran status, age, source of legal and verifiable income, or any other legally protected status.

Please read this Tenant Screening Policy. It describes how we score your application once we receive the completed screening report. All applicants for a rental home must be able meet the criteria outlined below or will not qualify to rent from Action Property Management.


Purpose of this Tenant Screening Policy:

  1. To provide a standardized guideline for screening applicants.
  2. To ensure all applicants are treated fairly, equally, and to eliminate the possibility of discrimination.
  3. To ensure only responsible tenants, who will pay rent on time and maintain the rental property are admitted to Action Property Management properties

SCORING: Each applicant's screening report will be reviewed for two types of adverse information: NEGATIVES and TERMINALS. If three or more NEGATIVE items are found in a report, the applicant will be denied. Each and every occurrence of a NEGATIVE listed below will be considered one NEGATIVE item. If any one TERMINAL item is found, the applicant will be denied.

NEGATIVES: following items are considered negative items:
- Any credit account with 30 days or more late payments in the last five years.
- Any credit account that is currently more than 30 days late.
- Any credit account which is rated as having gone to collections.
- Any collection, judgement, bankruptcy, or lien.
- Any landlord references that include more than one late payment.
- Any instance of a damage deposit which was not returned due to damage to the rental unit (beyond normal wear and tear).
- Any instance of proper Intent to Vacate notice not being given to a landlord.
- Any instance of unauthorized pets or persons occupying a unit rented to the applicant.
- Any instance of a lease being broken by the applicant.
- Any bank reference which shows any NSF checks in the previous 24 months.

TERMINALS: The following items are considered terminal, and are sufficient to decline the applicant:
- Applicant does not successfully submit or pay for the screening within 24 hours of touring the home.
- Applicant possesses no valid picture identification, state or federal or foreign passport.
- Any OPEN bankruptcy (a bankruptcy to which new claims can still be added).
- Any collection filed by a property management company.
- Any eviction or Unlawful Detainer action.
- Any search of public records that determines the applicant has been convicted of, or pled guilty or no-contest to, any felony or misdemeanor within the past ten (10) years involving theft, dishonesty, assault, domestic violence, intimidation, prostitution, drug related or weapons charges, obscenity and related violations, sex crimes and/or child sex crimes.
- Any felony or misdemeanor that requires applicant to be listed on a Sex Offender Registry.
- Any conviction for: manufacture of illegal drugs; use of illegal drugs; selling of illegal drugs; possession of illegal drugs.
- Any rent or damage claims due from a past tenancy.
- Any current Notice to Pay or Vacate.
- Any income level or combined income level, in the case of married applicants, but not in the case of co-applicants, which is less than three times the rent of the unit applied for.
- Any employment references which states that the applicant will be terminated in the near future, where other income is less than 3 times the rent of the unit applied for.
- Any false, misleading, or incomplete information provided by the applicant for the pre-screening questions or background screening application.
- Any history of disruptive behavior, or of living or housekeeping habits that would pose a direct threat to the health and safety of other individuals.
- Any applicant that smokes or vapes.
- Applicant has too many people for the size of property applied for. Two people per bedroom, maximum.

EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES: In some cases, Action Property Management may feel that an applicant who does not qualify under this Policy might still be an acceptable risk due to extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances might include (but are not limited to) severe medical problems, recent death of a spouse, a temporary period of unemployment in the past, negative information confined to a single landlord reference, etc. If you have extenuating circumstances, we would advise you to present the circumstances to Action Property Management before your application is processed. Action Property Management alone reserves the right to make the final decision to accept or decline any application that does not meet our Tenant Screening Policy.