The following steps must be followed in order to qualify to rent a home from Action Property Management:

  1. Call, email, or visit our office to discuss the property and/or visit our website to view photos and a description.
  2. Read and sign the Admittance Policy, below. All adults must read and sign the document before Action Property Management will make an appointment to show the inside of our properties.
  3. Make an appointment with Action Property Management to view the inside of the property. You must view a property in person to make sure it is a good fit before we will accept your rental application.
  4. If after viewing the inside of the property you decide to apply, fill in the Rental Application form and pay the screening fee. This can be done online or on a paper form. All screening applications require a $41 screening fee, from each adult, by money order, credit card, or online, payable to Rental Services, Inc. Married couples may use one screening application but must each pay the fee. Screening fees are non-refundable. It takes a minimum of 48 hours to screen an applicant. No screening is considered complete until all information is received from the screening agency. If your references do not respond within 24 hours of being contacted by the screening agency, it will delay your application. If your application is so delayed, Action Property Management reserves the right to screen other applicants for the property you have applied for and will no longer consider you in first position.
  5. Once notified that your screening is complete and meets our standards, you will have 48 hours to sign a pre-lease and submit fee to hold the property. The fee is 25% of the monthly rental price and will be applied to your security deposit when you sign a lease. If you fail to meet this time limit you will no longer be considered to be in first position for the property. If you do not move into the property applied for as agreed, the hold fee will be forfeited to Action Property Management.


Please read our Admittance Criteria, below. It describes how we score your application once we receive the screening report from Rental Services, Inc. Every adult applicant for residency must be able meet the criteria outlined below or will not qualify to rent from Action Property Management.


Purpose of this Admittance Policy:

  1. To provide a standardized guideline for admitting residents into Action Property Management properties.
  2. To ensure that all applicants are treated fairly, equally, and to eliminate the possibility of discrimination in rental decisions.
  3. To ensure that only responsible tenants, who will pay rent on time and maintain the rental property, are admitted to Action Property Management properties.

SCORING: Each applicant's screening report will be reviewed for two types of adverse information: NEGATIVES and TERMINALS. If three or more NEGATIVE items are found in a report, the applicant will be rejected. Each and every occurrence of a NEGATIVE listed below will be considered a point. If any one TERMINAL item is found, the applicant will be rejected.

NEGATIVES: The following items are considered negative items:

TERMINALS: The following items are considered terminal, and are sufficient to decline the application:

EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES: In some cases, Action Property Management may feel that an applicant who does not qualify under this policy might still be an acceptable risk due to extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances might include (but are not limited to) severe medical problems, recent death of a spouse, a temporary period of unemployment in the past, negative information confined to a single landlord reference, etc. If you have extenuating circumstances, we would advise you to present the circumstances to Action Property Management before your application is processed.

Action Property Management alone reserves the right to make the final decision to accept or decline any application that does not meet our residence admittance policy.